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Drying equipment series

CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Oven

Summary:CT-C series hot air circulating ovens are equipped with low noise, high temperature resistant axial fan and automatic temperature control system. The whole circulating system is completely closed. The thermal efficiency of the ovens is increased from 3-7% of the traditional ovens to 35-45% of the current ones, and the high thermal efficiency can reach 50%. The successful design of CT-C type hot air circulating oven has made our country's hot air circulating oven reach the advanced level at home and abroad. It saves a lot of energy for our country and improves the economic benefits of enterprises. In 1990, the National Medical Administration issued the industry standard, the unified model is RXH.

Detailed description

Product introduction:
  CT-C series hot air circulation oven is equipped with low noise and high temperature axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system. The whole circulation system is completely closed, which improves the thermal efficiency of the oven from 3-7% of the traditional drying room to the current 35. -45%, high thermal efficiency up to 50%. The successful design of CT-C hot air circulation oven has made China's hot air circulation oven reach the advanced level at home and abroad. It has saved a lot of energy for China and improved the economic benefits of the company. In 1990, the National Pharmaceutical Administration issued an industry standard, the unified model is RXH.

Equipment process:
 ◎ heating heat source has steam, electricity, far infrared, electric steam for users to choose;
 ◎ use temperature: steam heating 50 ~ 140 o C, high 150 o C;
 ◎ electricity, far infrared temperature 50 ~ 350 o C;
 ◎ equipped with automatic control system and computer control system for users to choose;
 ◎ common steam pressure 0.02-0.8Mpa (0.2 ~ 8kg / m 2 );
 ◎ with electric heating, according to type I calculation 15KW, practical 5-8kw /h;
 ◎Special requirements are stated at the time of ordering;
 ◎The price of non-standard oven is negotiable;
 ◎The use temperature is greater than 140 o C or less than 60 o C, which should be specified when ordering;
 ◎The size of the factory drying and baking tray is uniform. Can be interchanged;
 ◎ baking tray size: 460 × 640 × 45 (mm).

Performance characteristics:
  Most of the hot air circulates in the tank, which has high thermal efficiency and saves energy. The utility model utilizes the forced ventilation function, and the adjustable air distribution plate is arranged in the box, the material is evenly dried, and the heat source can be steam, hot water, electricity and far infrared, and the selection is wide. The whole machine has low noise and balanced operation. Temperature control, easy installation and maintenance. Wide range of applications, can dry a variety of materials, is a general drying equipment.

schematic diagram:

Technical Parameters:

Industry standard modelModel specificationDrying amount per time 
Distribution power 
Consumption of steam 
Heat dissipation area 
       (m 2 )
Air volume
Upper and lower temperature difference 
       ( o C)
With baking trayDimensions, face 
       width × depth × height
Supporting drying carequipment weight
RXH-7-CCT-C-IA500.4510103450±2twenty four1400×1200×200011000
RXH-25-AHigh-efficiency high-temperature far-infrared sterilization oven power matching according to temperature requirements1200×1000×160011200

Adaptable materials:
  Suitable for heat curing, drying and dehydration of materials and products in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, heavy industry and other industries. Such as raw materials, raw drugs, Chinese herbal medicine pieces, extracts, powders, granules, granules, water pills, packaging bottles, pigment dyes, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits, sausages, plastic resins, electrical components, baking varnish and so on.

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