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POM sludge drying machine

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Materiel: polyoxymethylene
Summary:polyformaldehyde (English: polyaldehyde) thermoplastic crystalline polymer. Known as "super steel" , also known as polyoxymethylene.

Detailed description

Brief description of polyoxymethylene materials:
        polyformaldehyde (English: polyaldehyde) thermoplastic crystalline polymer. Known as "super steel" , also known as polyoxymethylene. The structure is English, abbreviated as POM. Generally, the polymer obtained by the polymerization of formaldehyde has a low degree of polymerization and is susceptible to thermal depolymerization.

 The main use of polyoxymethylene materials:

   polyoxymethylene (pom) is an engineering plastic with excellent performance. It is known as “winning steel” and “super steel” in foreign countries. Pom has similar hardness, strength and rigidity to metals. It has good self-lubricity, good fatigue resistance and elasticity in a wide range of temperature and humidity. In addition, it has good chemical resistance. Character. Pom is replacing some of the traditionally occupied metals in the market at a lower cost than many other engineering plastics. For example, instead of zinc, brass, aluminum and steel, many components have been produced. Since its inception, pom has been widely used in electrical and electronic machinery. , instrumentation, daily light industry, automotive, building materials, agriculture and other fields. In many new applications, such as medical technology, sports equipment, etc., pom also showed a good growth trend.    
 The working principle of polyformaldehyde sludge drying machine:

  A hollow hollow blade is densely arranged on the hollow shaft, and the heat medium flows through the blade through the hollow shaft. The heat transfer area in the effective volume per unit is large, and the temperature of the heat medium is from -40 ° C to 320 ° C. It can be water vapor or liquid type: such as hot water and heat transfer oil. Indirect conduction heating, no air is carried away to remove heat, and heat is used to heat the material. The heat loss is the heat dissipation to the environment through the insulation of the body. The wedge-shaped blade heat transfer surface has a self-cleaning function. The relative movement of the material particles and the wedge surface produces a scrubbing action, which can wash away the adhering material on the wedge surface, so that a clean heat transfer surface is maintained during operation. The shell of the paddle dryer is of the omega type, and two to four hollow agitating shafts are generally arranged in the casing. The housing has a sealed end cover and an upper cover to prevent material dust from leaking out and fully functioning. 
        The heat transfer medium passes through the rotary joint and flows through the casing jacket and the hollow agitating shaft. The hollow agitating shaft has different internal structures according to the type of the heat medium to ensure a good heat transfer effect.


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