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Chairman Address

Distinguished partners:
   In the year of New Year 2012, on behalf of Chairman Wu and the company management team, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our partners who have been supporting us from all walks of life!
2011 is a year of joyful and hard handshakes in China;
2011 is also a year of innovation, dedication, touching and harvest for Jinxiang Company!
We withstood all kinds of pressures, overcome unimaginable difficulties, face up to difficulties, and strive hard, with remarkable results. Today's achievements are the rewards of yesterday's efforts, and today's glory is the ladder of tomorrow's success. As we savor the joy of success, we have embarked on the journey of 2012 with full confidence. Competition in the market is like sailing against the current. As a growing and growing enterprise, we should be brave to face the gap, meet the challenges, face difficulties, innovate constantly, and be strong and winner in the baptism of the market.
In 2012, the company's top management has been identified as the "quality year". We will adhere to the theme of quality, adhere to quality first, through quality to promote business, ensure operational efficiency, achieve the company's sustained, healthy and rapid development goals, and further expand the company's competitive advantage.
A more beautiful picture of the Jin Xiang will unfold for us. In the process of economic development, opportunities and challenges coexist, crises and hopes coexist! Faced with the future, we have every reason to believe that, through the joint efforts of all of you, our tomorrow will be better!

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address:Jiaoxi Industrial Park, Zhenglu Town, Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
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